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Dendritic Opal & Agate Obelisk #9

Originally $55.55. This obelisk has a beautiful variety of patterns in colors ranging from milky opal to blue to dark brown and black. Dainty druzy on all four sides of this piece. Includes small natural crevices. One corner of the base is not a full point because of naturally occuring crevice.

Height: 4"

Location: Indonesia

Dendritic Opal & Agate Obelisk #9

  • The use of crystals are not to replace any advice given by doctors. This includes medication and any other things prescribed by doctors. This information does not serve as medical advice.

    • This type of Opal is very high vibrational, spiritually
    • It is said to help increase your connection with higher self, aligning physical & spiritual energies
    • Great crystal to work with when working on shadow work and healing from past traumas
    • Deepens meditative state, opening us up but also keeping us grounded

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