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Blue Owyhee Opal Shiva

The very LAST Blue Owyhee Opal Shiva from Oregon is available for $19.99!

Owyhee Blue Opal comes straight from the heart of the Owyhee Mountains where Idaho and Oregon meet. Wanted by many due to its alluring blue colors!

Blue Owyhee Opal Shiva

  • The use of crystals are not to replace any advice given by doctors. This includes medication and any other things prescribed by doctors. This information does not serve as medical advice.

  • Metaphysically, Owyhee Blue Opal is know for its connection to the Throat Chakra. It helps us speak our truth, while also helping aid us in seeing through illusion. It is said to help one to speak from the heart, deepen spiritual awareness, and help one get a better sense of gut feelings. It is also a great connection to water energy! What I can gather, is this stone works with individual energy so well. Go off your intuition when working with this stone.

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