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Blue Kyanite Dainty Pendant 14k Vermeil Gold

1 Dainty Blue Kyanite Pendant (No chain included)

Stone: Blue Kyanite

Metal: 14k Vermeil Gold

Location: Brazil

Dainty, Faceted, Amazing Quality, Square Shaped Pendant

Blue Kyanite Dainty Pendant 14k Vermeil Gold

  • The use of crystals are not to replace any advice given by doctors. This includes medication and any other things prescribed by doctors. This information does not serve as medical advice.

  • Blue Kyanite has been used since ancient times as a protective amulet. It is very protective of your aura energy. Blue Kyanite is a strong Throat Chakra crystal, helping with self expression, confidence when speaking, and those who have jobs when having to perform, and speaking to many people. This crystal can help you to speak your truth in a calm, more peaceful way. It helps connect us to our higher self, allowing us to process what we truly want to speak on.

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