What is a Monthly Bag? Here at Just Good Vibes, Deb, one of the owners creates a package of goodies that corresponds with the month. This year she is focusing on correspondence items that can include (depending on the month these items can change so these aren’t always exactly what you get, just some examples of what can be. this is like a surprise gift to yourself each month):

• A crystal of the month: in the bag in can include multiple forms of that stone (which could be a tumble, raw piece, and/or a chip bottle

• Jewelry corresponding with that crystal in either bracelet or necklace form

• Incense with the herb or oil scent corresponding to the month

• A glass jar of herbs corresponding to the month

• And speciality items added depending on the month. She also includes an in-detail letter explaining why those items are in the bag, cards with details about the herbs and crystals.

Monthly Bag

Price Options
One-time purchase
Monthly Bag
$28.88every month until canceled